​​​​​​The following is a detailed list of just a few of our past projects:


LAMAR HIGH SCHOOL(installed 38,000 sq ft of ceiling tile and grid, installed 4,000 linear ft of stained crown molding, installed approx 22,000 sq ft of drywall, and painted approx 260,000 sq ft of paint)

JOHNSTON MIDDLE SCHOOL (painted 200,000 sq ft of wall space and installed 63,000 sq ft of ceiling tile grid)

LONG MIDDLE SCHOOL (installed 69,000 sq ft of VCT, 11,000 sq ft of ceramic tile, and 7,500 sq ft of carpet)

WESTBURY HIGH SCHOOL (painted boy's gym and 26,000 sq ft of wall space)

McNAMARA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (installed 19,000 sq ft of VCT)

KASHMERE HIGH SCHOOL (removed and repainted all lockers from corridor areas)

BROWNING ELEMENTARY (installed approx 28,000 sq ft of VCT and appox 28,000 sq ft of ceiling grid and tile, and painted entire school interior/exterior

WHITTIER ELEMENTARY (installed over 26,000 sq ft of resilient tile and 26,000 sq ft of acoustical ceilings)


CITY HALL (prepped, primed and painted City of Houston offices, conference rooms and hallways on the 1st, 2nd and 4th floors)

611 WALKER (prepped, primed and painted several floors at City of Houston offices, hallways, bathrooms and conference rooms and HVAC)

CLOVERLAND PARK (installation of 3,100 sq ft of resilient tile, prep, cove base, and trim)

HOUSTON POLICE DEPARTMENT @ 1217 MILAM (Converted open space into 5 offices, reception area, kitchen, and storage area. We provided and installed drywall, framing, doors and hardware, storefront glass, paint, millwork, carpet tile, VCT, and kiosks.)

HOUSTON POLICE DEPARTMENT @ WEST MONTGOMERY (Converted open space into 2 offices and interrogation room. We provided and installed drywall, paint, ceiling tile, carpet tile, doors, hardware, and privacy glass.)

PUBLIC WORKS BUILDINGS, HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES AND PERMIT OFFICE (prepped, primed and painted several offices, hallways, and doors/frames)

BARC (We converted open space to 2 different areas, one side for dogs and the other for cats. We provided and installed painting, millwork, CMU, doors, and frames.)

NECHES PUBLIC WORKS BUILDING (painted approx 42,000 ft interior/exterior, installed 5,000 ft of VCT, 4,600 sq ft of ceiling tile, painted 8,500 ft of epoxy resin)

COLLIER PUBLIC LIBRARY (renovated entire library with new millwork, flooring, painting, drywall, and storefront glass)

CARNEGIE, CENTRAL, JULIA IDESON, McGOVERN-STELLA LINK, FRANK AND VINSON PUBLIC LIBRARIES (prepped, primed and painted several areas from corridors to offices


ROB PAIGE EDUCATION BUILDING (installation of 8,500 sq ft of resilient tile, prep, cove base, trim and installation of 3,000 sq ft of carpet tile)

E.O. BELL BUILDING (installation of 9,300 sq ft of resilient tile, prep, cove base, and trim)

TERRY LIBRARY (installation of 2,200 sq ft of resilient tile, prep, cove base, trim, and installation of 11,300 sq ft of carpet tile)

LANIER WEST DORMITORY (paint entire 1st and 3rd floors, replace ceiling tile in many areas, replace some doors and frames, repair flooring throughout, and replace windows throughout)

TERRY LIBRARY/ Basement Build-out (converted open space to 8 offices, conference room, 5 classrooms, computer lab, and storage area, also installed drywall, framing, ceiling tile, VCT, doors, frames, hardware, and painting)

HANNAH HALL COO / Build-out (converted open space into 6 offices, conference room, and bathroom, also installed drywall, framing, ceiling tile, vinyl plank, carpet tile, ceramic, doors, frames, hardware, and painting)

AIRWAY SCIENCE BUILDING (paint entire building interior and exterior, installed carpet tile, VCT, replaced some ceiling tile)

aldine independent school district:

   *Floors 2 Adore/F2A Construction is the awarded painting/maintenance contractor of Aldine ISD

THORNE STADIUM(prepped, primed and painted signs, concrete walls, press box interior/exterior, stadium speakers, concrete landings on field & doors

SMITH ACADEMY (painted 63 classrooms, installed 68 toilets partitions, mirrors and hardware, installed 31,000 sq ft of acoustical ceilings and also provided and installed 87 doors/hardware)

BETHUNE ACADEMY (prepped, primed and painted 53 classrooms and the library)

ORANGE GROVE ELEMENTARY, JONES ELEM, KEEBLE ELEM, DUNN ELEM and HOFFMAN ELEM (prepped, primed and painted 23 temporary buildings interior/exterior at campuses)

RAYMOND ACADEMY, DREW ACADEMY, EISENHOWER H.S., SAMMONS ELEM, HUMAN RESOURCES DEPT., ALDINE 9TH, NIMTZ 9TH, TAX OFFICE, CARVER H.S., BUSSEY ELEM, KUJAWA ELEM, OLESON ELEM, GRANTHAM M.S., DAVIS H.S. and LEWIS M.S.(painted acoustical ceilings, doors, electrical and bathroom plumbing; varied from several classrooms to dozens, also corridors, gyms and offices)

FRANCIS ELEMENTARY (prepped, primed and painted exterior gutters/downspouts, windows, soffits, doors and gym)

HAMBRICK M.S., NIMITZ H.S. and PLUMMER M.S. (prepped, primed and painted all boys/girls locker room ceiling/walls, epoxy floors)



SCARCELLA CAMPUS (installation of 11,000 sq ft of resilient tile, prep, cove base, and trim also installed 5,500 sq ft of carpet tile)

CODWELL CAMPUS (installation of 12,800 sq ft of carpet tile)

3601 FANNIN  (converted old Planned Parenthood building into HCC Fashion Design; installed millwork, paint and interior build outs)

WESTGATE CAMPUS (installation of 5,700 sq ft of resilient tile, prep, cove base, and trim, and installed 1,800 sq ft of carpet)

3100 MAIN CAMPUS (painted 16,000 sq ft of walls, 48 doors and frames, installation of 8,400 sq ft of carpet tile)

SAN JACINTO CAMPUS (installation of 10,200 sq ft of resilient tile, prep, cove base, trim, and installed 12,300 sq ft of carpet)

SIS BUILDING (installation of 4,400 sq ft of resilient tile, prep, cove base, and trim)

COLEMAN SCIENCE BUILDING (installation of 950 sq ft of resilient tile, prep, cove base, and trim, installed porcelain tile on walls, floor, and shower area of president's private bath, also installed 1,945 sq ft of carpet tile in classroom and President's Suite)

ROLAND W. SMITH BUILDING (painted entire interior building) 


CLEMENTS HIGH SCHOOL (renovated and remodeled all bathrooms)